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The White Cow Called Lucky

And the Metal Monster that Missed

She always knew she was different, the White Cow Called Lucky, after all, the other cows in the herd were dark.  Not black and not dark brown like dirt, but almost the colour of the leaves as they wither and fall from the eucalyptus trees in paddock.

No, the White Cow Called Lucky wasn’t brown at all, she wasn’t the colour of the falling leaves.  She was the colour of the tree trunk, that hard stoic white part of the tree that stands tall and holds the leaves before they died.
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The First Sip

Within My Creative Cosmos, speaking to you on a personal level is something I try to avoid doing, however, I feel the following warrants an explanation.

Yesterday I joined a local writers group for their weekly meeting and I’ve decided I will really enjoy being part of this group while Dean and I are in Basin View, New South Wales.  (For more details regarding this, see my other blog – Clare and Dean.)

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