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Nineteen Sixty Nine

By All Accounts, A Most Incredible Year

More than 400,000 music fans attended Woodstock.  Sesame Street started teaching children all the ingredients that make up a sunny day.  The Beatles recorded their final album, Abbey Road.  Boeing debuted the 747 jumbo jet.  Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid entertained film goers while on the small screen Roger Moore was still a saint and John Cleese introduced the world to a new kind of humour.
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The White Cow Called Lucky

And the Metal Monster that Missed

She always knew she was different, the White Cow Called Lucky, after all, the other cows in the herd were dark.  Not black and not dark brown like dirt, but almost the colour of the leaves as they wither and fall from the eucalyptus trees in paddock.

No, the White Cow Called Lucky wasn’t brown at all, she wasn’t the colour of the falling leaves.  She was the colour of the tree trunk, that hard stoic white part of the tree that stands tall and holds the leaves before they died.
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With Mashed Potato, Mushy Peas, and Gravy

My mother, Marie Clare came into this world on the 25th August 1941.  She was the second child of William and Agnes Brown and a little sister for her brother Tony.  I didn’t know much about my mother’s childhood, though I believe it was very happy.  She often spoke of family, holidays by the beach with her cousins and always of the abundance of love to share around.
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Butter, Flour and Milk

The following is another speech I wrote and delivered at my Toastmasters Club. 

The (speech) project was How To Say It, the fourth project in the Competent Communicator manual, the first speech manual members are asked to complete.

Butter, Flour and Milk – Three ingredients that most people can find in their kitchen.  Three simple ingredients that by themselves are plain and boring to say the least.  Lacking interest and almost unappealing, yet when blended together in a gentle dance of love and tenderness, they create a little parcel of sumptuous delight that most find completely irresistible.
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