The following are my thoughts on the content contained within My Creative Cosmos.

Awards Policy

I enjoy receiving awards and seeing them passed around.  They can be invaluable when trying to get a blog off the ground and feeling your way around the blogging community, and looking to make friends.

At the same time, I am sensitive to the problems associated with ‘blogging awards’. They are time-consuming and once you’ve received a certain number, (perhaps) they lose ‘something’.  I would never tell another blogger they should or should not go Award-free.

All the same, I like to remain Award Neutral.

  • I will accept the awards that are passed my way.
  • I will thank people for awards when I receive them.
  • But, I will only publish award nominations, if and when I have the opportunity to do so.

Not only does it take a lot of time to pass an award on to another blogger, it can be a lengthy process seeking other blogs, hunting for one worthy of the nomination. As my husband and I travel around Australia, our internet access is not only slow and limited, it is very expensive, and I simply cannot afford to waste our access surfing for nominees.  See my other blog – Clare & Dean – for post about our travels.

If you’d like to receive any award listed in the footer of My Creative Cosmos – it’s yours. 

All I ask is that you tell me you took it and I’ll list your blog on the associated award page.  I’ll also visit your blog and have a look around.  I might even click on that bloggers holy grail – the FOLLOW button.

If I find I have sufficient internet access, I might publish an award nomination, but that will be a rare thing while we are travelling.

I’m a worthy recipient for:


By all means, feel free to nominate me for an award.  It’s a nice way to pay me a compliment and start a conversation.  It might even result in me or one of my followers reading a post or two on your blog, or your friends blog.

You never know where it might lead.

Commenting Policy

There are two comment policies in play here:  The Everyday, and The More Robust.

The Everyday Policy

This one is very easy because I rarely deal with any controversy and that is great because I have some really awesome people following me.

Albeit, I moderate all comments submitted and here’s a list of the kinds of things I will not approve and publish and I appreciate you avoiding these types of comments:

  • One-word comments like “Cool!” or “Thanks!”
    While I appreciate the congratulatory nature of these types of comments, I’d love to hear more about exactly what you like, and more importantly, why you like it.
  • Really long comments
    If you need to take more than three breaths to read your comment, it’s probably too long and I will edit, publishing only those parts I think necessary.
  • Shameless self-promotion
    Comments that contain links to your site or otherwise encourage folks to visit your blog without being related to the the piece of writing at hand are a no-no.  Tips on increasing traffic to your blog can be found on this page.
  • Inflammatory or offensive comments
    Please be respectful.  My blog has a minimum rating of G for general viewing and is accessible by children.   I ask that you please take care with your choice of words.  I neither accept nor promote profanity.

I also delete comments that are written entirely in another language, as well as those that are difficult to understand due to serious grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

All I ask is that you respect me and anyone else you interact with here and then I will simply approve your comment and not have any need to moderate what you’ve said.

The More Robust Policy

  • 1(a) Racist, sexist, homophobic, ableist, inappropriately sexual, and otherwise hateful, harassing or dehumanising comments, etc. are never published;
  • 1(b) AND the best thing that can happen in that case is that I delete them and as they are not published, I do not receive any more comment from the offender;
  • 1(c) AND if the offender continues to submit distasteful comments, they will be permanently marked as ‘spam’ and hence their comments will be automatically deleted by the system negating the need for me to deal with them further.
  • 2(a) I reserve the right to remove any comment or flag anyone for moderation at any time, for any reason, with or without an explanation;
  • 2(b) AND to delegate that authority to Dean, my co-administrator, as well.



It is anticipated that The More Robust Policy is rarely needed if ever.  Since starting this blog, I can count the number of times I’ve deleted a comment on one hand, and I’ve never done so without providing an explanation.  But I do reserve the right.  It’s about maintaining a safe and friendly environment conducive with the G rating of my blog.

I believe in a level playing field, fair play, and freedom of expression.  However, in the event that you trigger my More Robust Policy, please don’t waste your time getting all righteous about your freedom of speech.  This is not a commercial website, nor is it a public street corner and I reserve the right to approve or delete comments as I see fit.

What you say matters and I hope you’ll appreciate and stand by these guidelines.  Everyone is welcome here, but no one is allowed to disrespect anyone else while visiting.

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