Who Am I

MeFirst and foremost,
I’m a wife and a mother.
I’m a daughter, and a sister,
But I am no brother.

I think I can write,
I know I can talk,
I’m here just to see
If I can walk the walk.

Tall tales, short stories,
The odd poetry.
Sometimes you may laugh,
Quite uncontrollably.

Please follow along,
It would make me so proud.
You will never be,
Just one of the crowd.

For a snippet of what’s in store
please take a moment to read
my first heart-felt short story.

My Creative Cosmos


Other articles I’m particularly proud of:

The Two of Us
He is . . .
Little Bee
Little Bee
Where Fate Intervened
Where Fate Intervened

The Fine Print

Just to clarify the difference between Short Stories and Tall Tales.

An article that is categorised as a Short Story is based on fact, something that happened to me, or a member of my family, or perhaps a friend, and is how I perceived what took place.

An article categorised as a Tall Tale however, is pure, raw, unadulterated imagination and contains no foundation or basis whatsoever in any real life experience (unless noted otherwise).

Short ‘n Sweet is the category I use for items of brevity written in 25 words or less.  They may or may not be based on fact and, more importantly, are not poetry, specifically Haiku.

As for Poetry, I believe it speaks for itself.

18 thoughts on “Who Am I”

  1. Here I am, as promised! I have nominated you for the Liebster award, which is an award to celebrate newer blogs, or those with less than 200 followers. The details of the award can be found on my acceptance post https://helizabeth1952.wordpress.com/2015/02/02/liebster-award/#more-363. There are some rules you are expected to follow if you choose to accept the award. I find that these awards have really increased my blog traffic so if you are interested, please accept and pass it forward


    1. Oh Helen,

      I’m not sure what to say. I am humbled by this nomination and thank you for this amazing recognition of me and my little blog.

      I graciously accept and will do my best to be deserving of it.

      Thank you



  2. What a gorgeous blog you have! I talking about how you put it together, what it looks like. I’d love to have this kind of vision! I also loved the poetry of your Who AM I! I’m heading over to check out your short stories.I thought I’d clicked to follow you, or do you have two blogs?


    1. Hi Fim,

      You did hit follow – on my trip blog Clare & Dean where I post thoughts relating to our trip around Australia

      This blog however is where I post my creative writing and allow the stars within my cosmos to shine. If you have a minute, may I suggest you read My Creative Cosmos. This was my first post and was in response to one of the Blogging 101 assignments. It was also the catalyst for me to create this blog.

      I felt my creative writing needed to shine on its own and not be hidden away and buried within my thoughts on our travels.

      I’m so glad you found your way here and you like what I’ve done with the place. 🙂



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